Presses and tool designs provide Customers with a wide range of production options.
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Precision Injection Molding

Presses and tool designs provide Customers with a wide range of production options. Optical measurement systems and robotics ensure consistency in products and reduced manufacturing costs.

Micro Molding

Micro molding services for data center, electronic connectors, automotive, and fiber optics applications.

In-Mold Decoration

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Thin Wall Molding

High pressure molding machines capable of filling cavities in hundredths of a second to produce products with a flow length-to-wall thickness ratio of 100:1.

Vertical Insert Molding

The vertical insert molding process incorporates a metal or plastic insert, which is loaded by robotics or manually into the molding. Vertical presses with rotating or shuttle platens are common for efficient loading of inserts in one mold while parts are being molded. Plastic is then injected over and around the insert to form the part.

Optical Measurement

Non-contact optical measurement systems to conduct pre-production, in-process, and post-production quality measurements. This provides improved measurement repeatability and reliability, as well as reduced inspection setup and run time.

Robotics and Automation

UPG partners with some of the top automation firms. Robots and automation are used in molding and assembly operations to produce consistent, high quality parts and to reduce labor costs.

Other Processing Capabilities

  • Two-shot molding
  • High temperature engineering materials
  • PEEK, liquid crystal resins

Capabilities in progress

  • Clear extrusions
  • Blow molding (injection and extrusion)
  • Nano technology


UPG extends technology and equipment capabilities to meet the changing needs of its Customers.