Company History


  • 1954: Southern Plastic Mold founded in Anaheim, California
  • 1980s-90s: Rapid growth of SPM due to computer and telecom equipment markets
  • 1994: SPM plant built in Houston
  • 1995: SPM merged with Dynacast, Inc.’s plastic business to form SPM/Dynacast
  • 1996: SPM/Dynacast added injection-molding plan in Wales, U.K.
  • 2000: SPM acquired by UPG
  • 2002: UPG opened in Suzhou, China
  • 2012: Medplast acquired UPG and integrated most of the medical products facilities into Medplast with non-medical facilities retaining the UPG name; new state of the art facility opened in Houston
  • 2016: Turnspire Capital Partners LLC acquires UPG