Providing powerful solutions for the energy industry

For the energy market, UPG offers:

  • Expertise in perforation components for the oil and gas sectors
  • Expertise in power metering and energy instrumentation components
  • Vertical and horizontal integration across the supply chain, including design, manufacturing, automation, assembly, decorating, packaging and distribution
  • Sub-assembly and contract manufacturing
  • Intelligent Quantitative Control (IQC) and microcellular foam technologies for precision molding capabilities
  • Comprehensive molding operations (e.g., insert-molding, over molding, micro-molding, two-shot molding, and in-mold decorating)
  • Quick ramp-up and rapid prototyping experience for accelerated time-to-market
  • Worldwide Automation Engineering Center
  • Large tonnage machines
  • ISO-9001certification
  • E-business and e-commerce functionality
  • Program Management – UPG Central