A healthier solution

The unique design demands of medical-grade parts and equipment require a fabrication process that can handle the complex designs and medical cleanliness requirements of the healthcare sector. In addition to being IQ/OQ/PQ qualified, UPG is CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant, ensuring that our products are safe, pure, and effective, as regulated by the FDA.

Adhering to critical medical standards

We offer clean room molding and medical device assembly capabilities in an ISO Class 7 environment, where we focus on aortic stent graft products and medical diagnostics, in addition to orthopedic soft goods, medical equipment and media training products. Automation and robotics are heavily integrated throughout our injection molding processes, giving our customers an advantage by increased throughput and overall time, as well as cost-savings.

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Quality assurance

Our quality assurance starts with our manufacturing processes that adhere to the principles of a Lean/Six Sigma environment and a culture of continuous improvement. Our professionals use quality tools including Cause-and-effect diagram, Check sheet, Control charts, Histogram, Pareto chart, Scatter diagram and Stratification. We also use metrology systems including precise coordinate measuring equipment for the inspection and verification of production samples.